Results of Slogan Design Competition

From Past to Future, Never Cease to Nurture

The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce that the Champion of the HKBU Science 60th Anniversary Slogan Design Competition goes to Mr Lau Hoi Kim, student of the School of Chinese Medicine!

The winning slogan highlights the achievements of the Faculty of Science over the past 60 years and carries our hope for the future, that we strive to nurture our next generation and contribute to the society through science education and technological advancement.

Congratulations to Hoi Kim!

Winning Slogans


Mr LAU Hoi Kim
School of Chinese Medicine
From Past to Future,
Never Cease to Nurture

1st Runner-up

Mr HUYNH Ka Chun Kennie
Faculty of Science
Sixty years of excellence,
BU Science strides to magnificence

2nd Runner-up

Ms Eleanor LEE
University Advancement Office
Innovate for a Better World,
Nurture Talents for Excellence

Slogan Design Competition

To mark the 60th Anniversary of Faculty of Science in 2021, all HKBU students, alumni and staff are cordially invited to design a slogan that best represents the past history and way forward of the Faculty.

Submission requirements:

The slogan should be in both English and Chinese. The length is restricted to within 14 words for English and 14 characters for Chinese version. It should be an original work and has never been published before. There is no limitation on the number of entries submitted by each participant.

Judging criteria and process:

Each slogan submitted will be judged by the adjudication panel comprising members of the Organizing Committee, Publication and Publicity Sub-Committee and teaching staff from the Language Centre according to the following judging criteria:

➤ Relevance to HKBU Science and its 60 years of development (40%)
➤ Creativity (40%)
➤ Recall value of the slogan (simple and easy to remember) (20%)

The decision of the adjudication panel shall be final in all matters relating to the competition.

Intellectual Property Rights:

➤ The Faculty shall hold the copyright and ownership of all the entries submitted.
➤ The Faculty reserves the right to edit, adapt and modify the entries and use them in any way it finds suitable.

Submission Deadline:

31 March 2021

Result Announcement:

Winners will be notified individually through email by Mid-April 2021 and results will also be published on the 60th anniversary website of HKBU Faculty of Science.



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