Walking through 60 years, the Faculty of Science has been nurturing graduates who excel in the professions of science for the betterment of society. To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, the Faculty would like to take this opportunity to organise this first-of-its-kind Distinguished Science Alumni Award to honour outstanding alumni and recognise their professional achievements and contributions to the University and the community.

Criteria for Nomination

Eligibility of Nominee

Candidates must be an alumnus or an alumna of the Faculty of Science of HKBU (or its forerunner Hong Kong Baptist College)

Eligibility of Nominator

Nominators must belong to ANY ONE of the following groups of the Faculty of Science of HKBU:

➪ an alumnus or alumna

➪ a current / former full-time staff member

➪ a current / former member of the Science Faculty Advisory Committee

➪ a current / former member of the Steering Committee on Alumni Relations .

Nomination Procedures

A valid nomination shall include a completed nomination form, with the provision of the nominee’s biography and other supplementary documents, if any.

➪ The Heads of the Departments under the Faculty of Science are invited to submit a maximum of TEN nominations; whereas other nominators can propose ONLY ONE nominee.

➪ All nomination forms must be submitted to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Science by 31 August 2021 (Tuesday).

Selection Criteria and Procedures

The Members of the Selection Committee consisting of Faculty Dean, Associate Deans, and Heads of the Departments under the Faculty of Science shall evaluate the nominations based on the followings:

➤ Having recognised professional achievements in the field of science education and/or scientific research, the nominee shall demonstrate their teaching excellence, research breakthroughs, etc.

➤ Having supported HKBU and its alumni development, the nominee shall demonstrate how their achievements have benefited HKBU Faculty of Science, e.g., being proactive in advancing the University/Faculty development or augmenting learning opportunities for students, etc.

➤ Having made contributions to the society or community, the nominee shall demonstrate their social responsibility, e.g. committed to raising awareness of social and environmental issues.

The list of Award recipients would be officially released in November. The decision made by the Selection Committee shall be final. The Faculty of Science reserves the right to modify the arrangements, rules and criteria of the Award.

Award Details

➤ Up to 2 Distinguished Science Alumni Awards for Lifetime Achievement

➤ Up to 20 Distinguished Science Alumni Awards

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the awardees would be invited to receive trophies and certificates when the situation allows. Brief biographies of the awardees would also be shown on the Faculty and 60th Anniversary websites. Further details would be confirmed and announced in due course.


Ms Maisie Chow (E: / T: 3411 2372)