Embracing Math, never stop exploring

Muratzhan Kyranbay


BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics graduate

想一想,生命中有沒有一件讓你非常著迷和執著的事情?假若你問Muratzhan Kyranbay(Mura),他的答案必然是「數學」。



大學是人生另一個階段,怎樣過大學生活對將來的道路有一定影響。Mura選擇把握每個機會接觸不同事物。從未學過跳舞的他膽粗粗加入舞蹈學會,更參與了不少演出;他也喜愛不同的戶外活動,課餘總會相約三五知己去行山,更成為大學單車隊成員,迎戰香港單車節。學術方面,他努力爭取優異成績,曾多次入選President’s Honour Roll及Dean’s List,又屢獲獎學金參加海外交流及進行研究工作。在不斷探索和體驗的過程中,他找到自己真正的興趣和學習方向──生物統計學。暑假過後,他將遠赴比利時魯汶大學(KU Leuven)修讀MSc in Statistics and Data Science for Biometrics。他透露畢業後將會繼續做研究,攻讀博士學位,甚至在大學任教。





What is it that fascinates you the most? If you ask Muratzhan Kyranbay (Mura), his answer would be “Mathematics” for sure.

“Why do you love Math so much?” “Well, it’s something that I always like from my childhood. It’s hard to explain. When you like something, you just like it.”

Born in Kazakhstan, Mura is always a big fan of Math. He has participated in countless Math contests and received numerous awards and certificates. After graduating from high school, he originally planned to pursue his study in his home country. Coincidentally, Mura heard that HKBU was offering scholarships to international students. With the encouragement of his academic advisor, Mura decided to give it a shot. The night preceding result announcement, he dreamed about himself going out from a supermarket in Hong Kong. His dream came true when he received an offer from HKBU Science. At the age of 17, he travelled to Hong Kong and began his undergraduate study at HKBU.

Studying at university marks another stage of life. To enrich his university life, Mura grasped every single opportunity to explore and try new things. He bravely joined the HKBU Dance Association and even performed on stage although he had never learned dancing before. He enjoys outdoor activities as well. He went hiking frequently with his friends in his spare time. He has also participated in the Hong Kong Cyclothon as a member of the University’s cycling team. Academically, he worked hard to strive for a good result. He has been named to the President’s Honour Roll and Dean’s List for multiple times. In addition, he received a number of scholarships which supported him to go on overseas exchange and conduct research study. Through exploring and learning, he found his goal – to pursue his study in Biostatistics. After graduation from HKBU in 2021, he will start his journey to study MSc in Statistics and Data Science for Biometrics in KU Leuven, Belgium. With his strong passion for research, he plans to pursue a further study in PhD, and may even teach at university.

Life at HKBU brought Mura plenty of fond memories. He has a close relationship with his teachers at the Department of Mathematics. Every teacher has inspired him in their own ways, and he is glad to have them in his life. He would like to specially thank Professor Cheng Ming-Yen and Dr Amy Pang. Being the supervisor of Mura’s final year project, Professor Cheng gave him lots of guidance and support with her expertise in statistics, while Dr Pang’s passion for pure mathematics and her dedication to teaching impressed Mura a lot.

HKBU is like a big family to Mura. It provides many chances for students to learn and explore. It also organises various orientation activities to help international students get adapted to campus life. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Science and the Department of Mathematics provide students with plenty of research, internship and exchange opportunities. The Faculty also offers a diversified and flexible science curriculum, which allows students to explore and experience various scientific disciplines before choosing their Major programme in Year 2. After declaring a major, students could further choose their preferred concentration.

Speaking from his experience, Mura hopes that there would be more Kazakhstan students to study in HKBU. He believes that with the advanced facilities and a wide range of learning resources, the Faculty will attract more international students, thus creating a more internationalised learning environment.

Looking back on the time in HKBU, Mura felt that his mindset had changed a lot and had become more mature. He is now more willing to accept new cultures. “I’m not a tree. I have legs to go to different places,” he joked. Truly, nothing compares with the journey on your own feet. Stay curious and keep exploring.

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